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Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Message From Dr. Talip Emiroğlu

Throughout history, people have spent their energy on production and military activities. Today, technology affects these two functions at the point where it comes. Therefore, the employment of unqualified people is also disabled. 

In other words, in many areas such as industry, textile, medicine, logistics and the like, where human beings are employed, robots are becoming more effective every day. More efficiency can be obtained with less human power. As such, human employment decreases. 

In military activities, the rate of utilization of robot technology is also increasing rapidly. Fighting with the sword shield was already very old. Now, fighting with cannons and rifles is also a thing of the past. A few IT officers can manage all military vehicles from a military base thousands of kilometers away. Unmanned vehicles are fighting. 

We are rapidly moving towards the era of autonomous transportation and security vehicles. The age of ships without captains, crews, driverless trucks, automobiles, pilotless airplanes… 

In this age of dehumanization, unqualified people will be able to create great problems for themselves, their families and countries. That’s why we have to fight to be qualified people. The way to do this is to make a correct career plan and get the right education. 

Considering that robotization is moving towards a world where unemployment will increase, the choice of profession and the quality of education become even more important. 

The faculties and departments at Ada Kent University are designed with this perspective. Creativity is always at the forefront. Our goal is to train and support people who can build their own game. While doing this, it is our priority to respect everyone’s ethics, to protect the essence of each student and to encourage their universalization. 

Because the common culture formed by globalism can weaken or even completely erase the prominence of local cultures that are not embraced. However, the culture of each region is a different color and beauty of our world. Therefore, it should be self-protected first, and then universal. 

Supported by the long years of experience of the European Education Group, Ada Kent University is waiting for you as the fastest and right choice to reach a successful future.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees