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European Education Group

Unıversıty of Cıty Island

University of City Island is the project of the European Education Group in Cyprus, where it has transferred 32 years of educational experience. This university, which creates its institutional culture with the synthesis of academic accumulation in Turkey and Cyprus, is proof of the European Education Group’s goal to play a more active role in the field of international education

Kocaelı Health and Technology Unıversıty

In the understanding of 21st century education, acquiring knowledge will leave its place to talent development. In other words, the repertoire of competencies, not the productual equipment of the person, will become important. Talent development will become the main goal of education. The most important of these abilities can be gathered under the headings of communication and cooperation competence, research and creativity competence, healthy living adequacy, production and conscious consumption competence. Kocaeli Health and Technology University graduates by equipping its students with these basic competencies and skills, regardless of their field and level of education. Kocaeli Health and Technology University graduates are trained to start their business life by having the power and foresight to recreate the needs and rules in their own unique conditions, not content with following the previously accepted thoughts.With its young and dynamic structure, Turkish society needs a qualified education that can be circulated in the international labor market. While the graduates of Kocaeli Health and Technology University are aimed to contribute to meeting the need for qualified labor force in our country, it is also aimed to be effective, efficient and sought-after employees of the international labor market. On the basis of the vision of Kocaeli Health and Technology University; research motivation and skill, scientific freedom, equality of opportunity, social and moral sensitivity, success orientation, healthy living, being “we” individuals, respect for nature and people, the principles of being international individuals without breaking away from their own culture.

European Vocatıonal School

It was founded in 2009 by the European Education Foundation. The educational objective of the school is to provide a vocational education with international qualifications. In order to achieve this goal, it has recruited academicians who are experts in their fields and well-known throughout the country. Solution partnerships have been established with relevant sector branches and other representatives..