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The preparation of the annual budgets of the university provides planning and follow-up of the expenditures made from the revenues obtained.

— Follows up and controls the payments of students’ tuition fees.

— How are payments made? – It can be done by credit card or to İş bank accounts.

— What should be the explanation when making a payment? – Student Name and surname, student number should be in the description and if a document is to be taken from student affairs, the name of the document to be taken should also be included in the statement.

— What is the installment status in the 2021-2023 period? – In the form of installments, the September registration period and the February registration period or 4. In the form of installments, payment takes place in the September registration period, the first week of November, the February registration period and the first week of April. Students who will pay 4 installments will be charged 10% interest.

Authorized Person

Nazlı KIRCA 
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