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Students possesing TRNC citizenship, Turkish citizenship and International students (Turkish language proficiency is required for international students).


The Law Undergraduate Program was established in 2018 within our Faculty of Law and accepted its first students in the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Law is a compelling and challenging practice. Its area of impact is immense. It may reach to people’s daily life as well as to the operations of governments on an international level. That is why our program established to train qualified lawyers to meet the increasing demand for such legal services in our country.

Our Law Undergraduate Program presents you with an appealing and effective academic experience, while the core modules that are required by the professional legal bodies will be brought to your attention. Within the legal profession, it is expected of you to acquire certain practical and intellectual skills and this course specifically grants these requirements with a disciplined program of skills development.

Turkish law education is being taught under the Law Undergraduate Program. Core modules include Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Roman Law, Civil Law, Legal History, Micro-Macro Economics, Law of Obligations, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Civil Procedures, Property Law, Trade Law, Philosophy of Law, Sociology of Law, Administrative Jurisdictions, Social Security Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Inheritance Law and Maritime Law.

On the other hand, the curriculum has been determined with the aim of training lawyers who are competent in the fields of international law, as well as new interdisciplinary law related to technological and social developments that in line with the global system. Elective modules related to current areas are: Intellectual Property Law, Sports Law, Professional Ethics, Gender and Law, Comparative Law, Bioethics, Consumer Law, International Arbitration Law, Law, Literature and Cinema, Advocacy and Notary Law, Medical Law etc.

The equivalence of the diplomas of our graduates is provided by YÖK.

Law is an indispensable discipline of principles, institutions and rules for the order and balance of society and state life. Legal practice is an indispensable field of work that establishes and maintains this discipline. The intense demand for legal education shows that the awareness of the fact that an unlawful social order cannot exist. With the emergence of new legal fields, the need for lawyers with knowledge of different disciplines is increasing day by day.




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The Faculty of Law offers an education apt for training legal professionals who believe in the rule of law, can express the values they defend within the framework of the principles of legal training, are strong in communication, are responsible, have ethical values, respect different opinions and act with a consciousness of community service.