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Board of Directors

University of City Island Board of Directors


University administrative board; It consists of deans under the chairmanship of the rector and three professors to be elected by the senate for a period of four years to represent the different teaching units and areas affiliated to the university.
The Rector calls the board of directors to a meeting when necessary.
Vice Rectors may attend the meetings of the board of directors without the right to vote.

Duties of the Board of Directors

University administrative board; It is an organ that assists the rector in administrative activities and performs the following duties:

— To assist the rector in the implementation of the decisions of the higher education institutions and the senate in line with the plans and programs determined, 
— To ensure the implementation of the activity plans and programs, to examine the investment program, the draft budget by taking into account the suggestions of the units affiliated to the university and to submit them to the rectorate together with their own recommendations,
— To take decisions on the issues to be brought by the rector regarding the university administration,
— To examine the objections to be made to the decisions of the administrative boards of faculties, institutes and schools and to make a final decision,  
— To perform other duties assigned by the Law No. 2547.

Board of Directors
Rector- President Prof. Dr. Halil Atmaca
Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry  Doç. Dr. Umut Tunga
Dean of the Faculty of Education Doç. Dr. Gülyüz Debeş
Dean of the Faculty of Law Yrd. Doç. Dr. Gürkan Pamukçu
Member Prof. Dr. Atilla Berberoğlu
Member Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Tuncer
Member Doç. Dr. Murat S. Sarısözen