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Software Engineering

It is a new program established in 2008 under the umbrella of Computer Engineering upon the intense demand for quality software engineers. Software Engineering is a branch of science that covers the design, production and operation of software systems within the framework of engineering principles. Software Engineering Program students have the opportunity to access the most up-to-date information and carry out intensive studies in this applied science branch.

General Information

In addition to the basic courses in the Software Engineering Undergraduate Program, emphasis is placed on computer software courses required to produce comprehensive software, which is one of the needs of modern society. Software Engineering graduates have the ability to produce software solutions at every stage of production with the quality education they receive. In this program, students in their graduation year prepare a graduation project in addition to the technical courses they choose.


The aim of the Software Engineering Program is to introduce students to the latest developments in the field of software engineering and to prepare them to be willing to learn for life. The education provided in the program is aimed at training quality computer software engineers and aims to provide students with sufficient basic theoretical knowledge on computer systems, software and hardware, and the ability to transfer this to practice and produce large-scale new designs. The Software Engineering Program educates its students in the best possible way by incorporating the basic principles of technology, theoretically and the experience they gain in laboratories.


In the Software Engineering program within the Computer Engineering department, in addition to a distinguished, international academic staff dedicated to research and education, graduate/doctoral students also serve as assistants. In the computer engineering department, fully equipped software and hardware laboratories that pave the way for a balanced combination of theoretical and practical knowledge are offered to students. These consist of three general use computer laboratories, a graduation project laboratory, two multimedia laboratories, two logic circuit laboratories, a microprocessor laboratory, a circuit and electronics laboratory and two research and development laboratories.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Software Engineering program have the qualifications sought and generously rewarded by the industry. The knowledge and skills of software engineers are needed in the implementation of large-scale complex software systems that need to be designed, implemented, tested, deployed and monitored. Since many jobs in today’s world depend on extensive software systems, it is obvious that the demand for quality software engineers will increase. Graduates have the opportunity to work in banks, information technology departments of large companies, public institutions and universities.