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Summer School


1. Summer school is optional for the student and the faculty member. The duration of education is 7 weeks.
2. Regardless of the year of admission to the university and the curriculum to which it is subject, all students enrolled in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs and students of other universities can participate in the summer education opened at our university.
3. Students studying in the foreign language preparatory class cannot participate in the summer education opened at the end of the year in which they finish this program. In order for students studying in the foreign language preparatory class to take courses in summer education, they must take at least one semester of courses in the main program they are a student of.

4. Students who use the right to take additional exams (single-double) in accordance with Article 29, paragraph 8 and Article 33 of the Associate Degree, Undergraduate Education and Training Regulations of our University cannot participate in summer education. (Students who register for summer education cannot use the right to additional exams (single-double).)
5. Students who have graduated and whose registration has been cancelled cannot participate in summer education.
6. Students whose disciplinary punishment (suspension) and leave (registration freeze) period are still ongoing cannot participate in summer education.
7. Undergraduate students cannot take courses from associate degree programs.

8. Pre-requisite courses cannot be taken in summer education if the prerequisite requirement has not been fulfilled before.
9. Instructors may teach in summer education provided that they do not exceed a maximum of sixteen hours per week.
10. Units (faculties, schools, institutes, vocational schools) inform the Rectorate (Student Affairs Department) of the courses they want to be opened in summer education within the spring semester. These courses are announced by the Registrar’s Office.
In order for students to take courses from different departments, equivalence is issued to those deemed appropriate by the department chairs. Two different equivalencies need to be subtracted. These equivalencies must be determined before the final exams of the Spring semester and reported to the Registrar’s Office.

11. Courses opened and closed at the end of registrations are sent to the relevant units by the Registrar’s Office.
12. After the completion of the registration process, the number of students enrolled in the courses that are finalized to be opened
The total amounts they pay with the Student Affairs Department are notified to the relevant units.
13. List of students enrolled in courses that have not been opened and tuition fees to be refunded Student
It is notified to the relevant units by the Department of Affairs.



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