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We act with the aim of raising young people who choose us to study medicine from home and abroad as good physicians and good scientists who will meet the priority health needs of the society, and for this purpose we design our program and educational environments; We operate continuous evaluation and development processes. In addition to these internal evaluation processes, we also attach great importance to external evaluations in order to maintain the program quality at a high level. In this context, our training program has completed the accreditation processes and has international authorization.

Wherever our graduates are, whatever field they choose in the broad spectrum of medicine’s work, we want them to have the common basic knowledge, skills and attitudes of good medicine and good science. In other words, to be both a good doctor and a good scientist…

Sensitive to society and the world, capable of advocating for health and taking responsibility in this sense; able to think scientifically, own scientific knowledge and use knowledge for the benefit of society; Curious, inquisitive, motivated for lifelong learning and self-development; humane, who can use technology appropriately, prioritize the needs of the patient and society; communicates well, can work together as a team; We aim to have graduates who will be universal physicians who have internalized ethical values ​​and human rights.

Based on these competencies, we created our program. We have integrated the knowledge and methods of basic and clinical sciences and social sciences.

The medical education program consists of 3 phases, two years of clinical internships and one year of internship, after the first three-year period in which basic and clinical sciences are integrated and structured. In the first three years, normal structure and functions, pathological changes and their relations with diseases are discussed in an integrated manner. Also, in this period, we have a program that we attach great importance to, which we call the Clinical and Professional Skills Program (CMPS), which includes research, the social dimension of medicine, communication and basic clinical practices, and medical ethics and professionalism skills. In addition, our students have the opportunity to take elective courses and projects (EMED) in many and different subjects that they are interested in and can improve themselves in the social and technical fields of medicine.

In Clinical Internships, students meet patients one-on-one in the hospital environment and improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

During the internship period, they have the opportunity to fully apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired until this year by participating in the practice of medicine under the supervision of clinical trainers in the hospital and in the primary care setting.


University of City Island Faculty of Medicine, investing in science; encouraging their students to research and produce knowledge; ensuring active participation of students in program renewal and development and decision-making processes; attaches importance to education in the community besides clinical internships; It continues to exist as an institution that aims to train universal physicians who are ready to advance in all fields of medicine, at home or abroad.



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