It is a unit established to carry out the student transactions of our university centrally and where the records of all our students are kept, their documents are stored, arranged and prepared.

The Registrar’s Office, which is one of the Administrative Units of our university, is our department where students will be in contact from the moment of registration to the university until they graduate.

The Student Affairs Unit, which plays an active role from the application process to the completion of the registration process by informing the guests coming to our university about the current programs, also the preparation of all kinds of documents related to our students; It also carries out various operations such as student certificate, transcript, military service postponement and student information update within the unit.

Students complete the necessary documents during the registration period and their registration is created. Students can apply to the student affairs in case of a change in their information or in case of need of information or documents.

The retention of the original documents (diploma, etc.) submitted during registration belongs to this unit and in cases such as deregistration and dismissal, the originals of the documents are obtained back from the student affairs.

The preparation of diplomas and the control of graduation conditions of the students who will graduate are also carried out by this unit.

During the education period; course records are kept, and the problems that occur in the grade entry in the system are resolved by our unit.


To carry out the works and procedures related to the registration, education certificate, identity, military service deferment, transcript, registration freeze, dismissal, horizontal transfer, exemption, scholarship, temporary graduation, diploma, etc. of the students, to prepare the relevant documents.

To carry out the necessary works related to the admission of students,

To make announcements from students and institutions and/or organizations,

To create a list for the printing of student ID cards and to ensure that they are distributed,

Preparing student certificates and transcripts for daily student transactions,

To carry out the necessary procedures for the postponement of military service in the TRNC and TC of the students,

To ensure the implementation of decisions related to education and training,

To carry out deregistration, dismissal, leave of absence / registration freeze, adjustment procedures,

Implementation of the Academic Calendar,

Business and transactions related to Horizontal and Vertical Transfer,

Business and transactions related to foreign students,

Carrying out the necessary activities for the Summer School.

Course Registration: It is the process of selecting the courses to be taken during the semester.

Registration Freeze: For people who cannot continue their university education due to any justifiable reason, universities offer the opportunity to freeze registration and offer these people the right to continue their education at the end of a certain period of time.

Deregistration: Students can cancel their registration by applying to the Student Affairs Office with a petition.

Course Exemption: Those who have previously studied in higher education programs at any university can apply for exemption from the courses they have taken in these programs.

Academic Calendar: It is a scheduling guide that the student will use for an academic year. It is determined by the Academic Committee for each academic year and published on the University website. Registration and exam periods and important application dates are indicated in the Academic Calendar.

Student Assistant: Students with a minimum average of 2.50 can apply to administrative units and are evaluated considering the suitability of the course programs.

Grades: Students are given a letter grade by the concerned instructor for each course they take as a success grade consisting of the evaluation studies in the semester / year and the numerical values of the final exam. As a rule, relative evaluation is not used in course evaluations, direct evaluation method is used. The Senate may adopt the principle of a relative grading system for some departments/programs when deemed necessary.

Student Information System: It is the system that contains the academic and financial information of the students. Click.


Student certificate, transcript, disciplinary certificate, course content, military service deferment certificate …
Student ID card
Forms: Deregistration, registration freeze, grade objection form, summer school request form, course exemption form


              Student Affairs Manager :                Gürkan Pamukçu

Phone Numbers :

0392 444 39 90

0392 365 39 94

0548 829 8010