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Horizontal and Vertical Transitions

Horizontal and Vertıcal Transıtıons

It is the process of transferring from the university program in which a student is registered to a similar program of another university. Horizontal Transfer can be made within the university as well as between universities. Course exemption applications are evaluated by the relevant academic units during the application process to University of City Island.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The documents requested by our institution from the candidate students, valid during the registration to all associate, undergraduate, graduate, vocational schools, continuing education centers and all units providing education and training, including but not limited to these, are truthful, accurate, complete and complete. It is essential that it be presented completely. The university does not have any responsibility for the documents submitted by the prospective student, and the prospective student declares, accepts and undertakes that the content of the documents submitted is truthful and accurate, and that he/she knows that in case of a contrary situation, all responsibility belongs to him/her. Regardless of the stage of education, whether after registration or inclusion in the relevant program, the prospective student is proven to have submitted misleading documents, forged documents, submitted incomplete documents, discrepancies between documents and statements, made false and misleading statements, or deliberately made false statements in order to enroll in the institution. If it is determined that there is information or document hidden and that the relevant student has submitted/hidden information or documents that may constitute a crime or constitute the subject of a crime according to the provisions of the legislation in force, including but not limited to the ones listed above, and or if it is learned from the competent authorities, the relevant student’s placement/registration is immediate. is deleted and the person is reported to the relevant institutions and organizations so that legal action can be taken against him/her.


Documents required for registration:

— 1 ID Card and Passport Photocopy

— 4 Passport Photographs

— Criminal record

— Certificate of residence

— Bank Receipt stating that the entire semester tuition fee or the first installment has been deposited into the Ada Kent University Bank Account.

— Delegation Report Received from Fully-Equipped State Hospital (For the Last 6 Months)

— Ösym Result Certificate and Score Table for the Placement Year

— Approved Transcripts and Course Contents

— Document stating that the student has no obstacle to horizontal transfer

— Annex – Letter stating that there is no horizontal transfer with Article 1

Documents required for application:

— Horizontal Transfer Application Form

— Current Student Certificate

— Approved Transcripts and Course Contents

— ÖSYS Result Document and Placement Document

— Identity Card and Passport Photocopy

— Certificate of Not Receiving Disciplinary Punishment

Applications are made via the online application form. Those who apply to more than one program can specify two preferences on a single form.

Applications submitted with missing documents will not be evaluated. Candidates who are found to have applied with incomplete or untrue statements and documents or who have not submitted the original documents submitted during registration will not be registered; If this is done, their registration will be canceled regardless of the period they are in.

Note: Students who are eligible to enroll as a result of application evaluations are required to bring their course contents during the registration process for adaptation procedures.


  • Horizontal transfer applications can be made between diploma programs that have the same names or whose contents are determined to be at least eighty percent the same by the relevant boards of directors.
    To apply for transfer from other universities, the student’s GPA must be at least 60 out of 100 (2.29 out of 4).
  • Candidates who cannot meet the success requirement but whose central placement score is equal to or higher than the base score of the diploma program they want to transfer to can apply for horizontal transfer.
  • The success order condition specified for the programs included in the relevant year’s ÖSYS guides (Medicine, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Teaching, etc.) must be met.
  • For programs that do not require success order, the central placement score received in the type of score valid for the diploma program that the student wants to pass as of the year in which the student takes the central exam must be equal to or higher than the lowest base score of the diploma programs of other universities in the country that are equivalent to the diploma program that the student wants to pass.
  • The student must not have received any disciplinary punishment.
    Students who will apply for horizontal transfer from universities abroad must apply to the institution where they study.
    They must certify that they are recognized by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education.
    Horizontal transfer procedures are carried out within the framework of the provisions of the “Regulation on the Principles of Transfer Between Associate and Undergraduate Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institutional Credit Transfer”. LegislationMevuat

Preparatory Education Exemption:

Among the students who will apply for a transfer to a department whose medium of instruction is English, those who are exempt from the preparatory education or those who have successfully completed the preparatory education can start their education. Students who have previously successfully completed a preparatory program at another university or who have one of the national or international exam results recognized by the Council of Higher Education, whose documents are deemed appropriate by the relevant boards, may be exempt from preparatory education.



Inter-Institutional Transfer Application Form