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Tourism Management

Tourism Management;

While focusing on tourism development, management of the travel industry, tourism marketing and tourism services, hotel management is focused on hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, it focuses on all aspects of accommodation activities, including country clubs and convention centers.

Tourism and Hotels are often considered the same. But it’s actually two different industries in the business world that have different scope, which uncovers a multi-disciplinary structure, and those two industries need managers that can be involved at the same time.

Tourism Management and Hospitality is a 4-year undergraduate department that has been trained in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at universities.

This section only accepts students based on the equal Weight rating type.

Graduates of Tourism Management and Hotels are involved in all service activities in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Where can graduates of Tourism Management work?

Graduates of this department can continue their careers in many areas, particularly in the tourism sector and the hospitality sector. They can participate in seasonal tourism activities. They can work as managers in hotels, resorts, restaurants and resorts.

Other than that, they can take part in organizational companies, agency activities, special invitations.




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Tourism Management

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