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International Office

International office; It aims to increase the international awareness of University of City Island and to inform prospective students about the university’s departments and the scholarship opportunities provided. In addition to all these, the international office is also responsible for the preparation of the necessary employment contracts and the maintenance of the signed contracts with the agencies that will carry out promotional activities and flow of students in the international market of University of City Island .

Services provided by the international office

To provide the necessary coordination for the representatives and regional offices of the University to promote the University effectively and efficiently in the international market,

To give feedback to prospective students (international) or families who ask questions about the education at the university through communication channels such as email, social media, etc.,

To examine the educational levels of international students in line with the acceptance criteria and to prepare and deliver acceptance letters to the students deemed appropriate

International students; to inform and direct them about accommodation centers where they can stay at reasonable prices and feel comfortable,

To follow the payments and registration procedures of international students and to be in consultation with the relevant units.

Authorized Person:Mehrad Motaghi

Contact Number: 0548 831 88 09