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School of Medicine

University of City Island School of Medicine continues its existence as an institution that invests in science; encourages its students to research and produce knowledge; ensures students’ active participation in the renewal and development of the program as well as decision-making processes; places importance on education within the community in addition to clinical internships; and aims to educate universal physicians ready to advance in all areas of medicine, whether domestically or internationally.


The aim of our faculty of dentistry, established in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is to be first in line with you and other dentistry faculties shortly. In 2018-2019 academic year, you are invited to a faculty that has received the equivalent of the higher Education Institution in Turkey and can provide a national and international competence and adequate dental education.

Faculty of Law

The quality of legal education is the main determining factor in terms of being the rule of law and implementing the principle of the rule of law. Law and justice can only be realized by internationally equipped lawyers who are well trained, have a good command of positive law, are committed to ideal law, have acquired the ability to reason and interpret.

Faculty of Education

University of City Island Faculty of Education started education in English Preparatory classes in Guidance and Psychological Counseling and English Language Teaching Undergraduate Programs in the 2016-2017 academic year. As of the 2017-2018 academic year, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching started to operate. Faculty of Education, Physical Education and Sports Teaching, English Language Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching and Psychological Counseling and Guidance departments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; It continues to serve citizens of the Republic of Turkey, TRNC citizens and international students.


In order to contribute to the development of nursing education, research and services in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; focusing on the protection and development of the health of the individual, family and society, taking part in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases as an effective member of the health team, maintaining nursing care services with a holistic approach within the framework of professional laws and ethical principles and responsibilities, benefiting from the current approaches and methods of science and technology, undertaking the responsibility of lifelong learning and personal development, creating change with its innovative practices, To educate nurses who can provide consultancy in the fields of nursing care, management of nursing services and nursing education and research, who have developed analytical and critical thinking skills and who have strong leadership qualities.

Faculty of Pharmacy

To train qualified pharmacists and scientists who have grasped the principles and ethical understanding of the pharmacy profession, who have the high-level international equipment to provide first-line health consultancy services in public health, and who have been given the ability to follow the latest scientific and technological developments in the profession
To contribute to scientific research in our field at a universal and regional level
use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of society through pharmacy service
To be the best and respected faculty of pharmacy in our region under the roof of a faculty that can transfer the knowledge necessary to work in the international pharmaceutical industry and other branches of the profession.


At the Faculty of Business and Economics, we strive to bring innovation and excellence to all our programs in the awareness of the education-oriented aspect of our mission. We attach great importance to teaching effectiveness and accordingly encourage the use of interactive teaching methods such as projects, case studies, exercises, group work and class discussions. We support the philosophy that students should become active learners, ensuring that they are not only passive listeners, but also participants in lessons through interactive methods.


The aim of the Psychology undergraduate program is to prepare students to work in various subfields of psychology such as social, development, industry, health, media, clinical, development, traffic psychology by introducing them to various subjects, perspectives and inquiries. In order to create a program aimed at psychology students, most departmental core courses are offered only to students enrolled in the Department of Psychology. Students outside the Department of Psychology are given elective courses such as General Psychology, Introduction to Psychology Science, Understanding Social Behaviors in order to give basic information about psychology.

Tourism Management;

While concentrating on tourism development, management of the travel industry, tourism marketing and tourism services; hospitality management is a field that focuses on all aspects of hospitality activities, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, country clubs and convention centers.

Tourism Management and Hotel Management are often considered the same. But in fact, the business world is two different industries with different scopes, which creates a multidisciplinary structure and there is a need for managers who can take part in these two industries at the same time.