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It is the education investment established in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2015 by the European Education Group, which has a history of more than thirty years and has its headquarters in Istanbul with its international vision. It is the peak of pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education accumulations in Istanbul.University of City Island, which has made significant contributions to the economic, scientific, social and cultural development of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has become the educational and cultural center of the city in a short time by entering into a strong cooperation with non-governmental organizations, private and public institutions in Famagusta, where its campus is located.

University of City Island, with its distinguished academic staff consisting of faculty members from Cyprus, Turkey and various countries of the world; With 7 faculties and 1 vocational school, it has been continuing its education at the international level for about 2 years with a total of 29 undergraduate and associate degree programs.

As a “University of Kent” in the real sense, it contributes to the integration of students with the society and the world they live in, and to grow up as valuable individuals with strong communication, strong social ties. University of City Island, “University Island” aims to be a platform where students from different cultures can come together and create a common culture in the TRNC.


The European Education Group is an institution with an international vision. In this sense, it carries out successful studies both for the development and implementation of educational programs and for the preparation of students for education abroad.

In 2001, the cooperation between the European Education Foundation, to which the European Education Group is affiliated, and Kent State University in Ohio, United States of America continues to strengthen. The best example of this cooperation is University of City Island.