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About us

University of City Island Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centre was established and operated within the European Vocational School in 2019.  As of 2020, it continues its activities as ADAKENT-TÖMER, after the transformation of the European Vocational School with all its units into Kocaeli Health and Technology University.  ADAKENT-TÖMER has a presence in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language by working in formal and online Turkish education, certificate exams, language camps, etc.


Our mission is to ensure that all individuals who want to learn Turkish as a foreign language gain four language skills within the context of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, to teach Turkish in the most effective way in formal and distance education environments, and thus to increase the representation power of Turkish culture, to provide a field of practice for studies that will contribute to the field of Turkish teaching, to prepare materials and publications.


Our vision is to carry out language-culture studies by adopting a technology-based model that offers the opportunity to carry out Turkish teaching as a foreign language within our university on an international level by putting expert staff at the centre of the process.


There are two types of exams, the Proficiency Exam and the Placement exams.

Proficiency exam:

Four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are measured and the level is determined and certification is made accordingly. The certificate is valid by institutions and organizations that accept documents obtained from university TÖMER’s in Turkey.

Proficiency exam score ranges are as follows:

70 points and above C1,

60-69 point range B2,

50-59 point range B1,

40-49 point range A2,

25-39 point range A1.

In addition, if one of the four language skills is below 12 points, the level falls below the level corresponding to the score range determined in the exam.

Placement Exams

It is an exam conducted to determine the proficiency at the end of A1, A2, B1, B2 levels.  If the student gets 60 points or more from the exam they attended, it is concluded that they have the qualification to move to the next level of the level they attend. If one of the four language skills is below 12 points, it does not provide proficiency.


Application and Registration for Online Turkish Courses

Turkish courses at A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels are organized at ADAKENT-TÖMER. Participants from Turkey and abroad are offered the opportunity to learn Turkish through enriched online platforms.


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