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Our university is located in Famagusta City of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

According to 2017 data, there are approximately 90,000 students in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Life in Cyprus, which is known as an educational island in a way, is very comfortable and reliable. In some sources, there are articles that Cyprus is one of the most reliable places in the world and places with high quality of life. On this trusting island, you will also have the opportunity to meet students from many countries and get to know their culture.

For student candidates, life in Famagusta, the city where the TRNC and our university is located, does not differ much from other university cities in Turkey. It is necessary to distinguish between guests who come to the island as tourists and prospective students. It has been determined that the living expenses required for a student studying in major city universities in Turkey and the living expenses of a student in Famagusta are close to each other.

Transportation to the island is usually done by air. Today, there are airline companies that fly to Ercan Airport from Turkey. Direct flights are operated from approximately 10 major cities. The connecting flight offers a wider transportation opportunity. Fees vary according to the season, reservation period and the date of purchase of the person. However, as it is known, many airline companies make transportation much easier and cheaper with the promotions they offer. Sea transportation is also provided from some of our cities. It is no different from reaching any other province of Turkey.

Scholarship deduction can only be applied in case of disciplinary offense. In case of course failure, scholarship deduction is not applied.

Our diplomas are approved by YÖK and YÖDAK and have equivalence. There is no difference between the rights obtained by a student who graduates from any state or foundation university in Turkey. Our diploma has the same rights.

According to the TRNC labor law, students are allowed to work 20 hours a week as part-time – part-time students. For this, students will first enroll in the university and receive a student certificate. In addition to the student visa, the student is then required to obtain a part-time work visa. The part-time visa will be made with the help of the employer.

In return for this scholarship, which we also call the study scholarship, a certain number of our students can be assigned to the relevant units of the university in a way that will not disrupt their courses.

Following the registration week, our orientation and welcome team will meet you at Ercan Airport and Kyrenia Port or Famagusta Port. You will need to provide your flight details via the form on our university website before the pick-up. CLICK HERE to see the form

With the security guards working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the campus area and live camera monitoring, a peaceful and safe life is offered to our students within the University of City Island Campus.

You can reach the bank account information via the link on our prospective student page. Click Here

You can see our library opening hours by clicking on the link and you can learn more about the library. Click Here

We cannot give you clear information about this. This depends on the number of courses you are exempt from and the number of courses you need to take.

Our university has free shuttles that reach the campus and almost all of Famagusta between 08.00 in the morning and 15.00 in the evening.

Many student clubs established and managed by students and enabling them to evaluate their extracurricular time with activities in social, cultural and sports fields in line with their wishes and needs are active throughout the year. CLICK HERE to see the clubs