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Student Council

What is the Student Council?

The Student Executive Board, which operates under the leadership of the Directorate of Social and Cultural Activities operating under the Vice Rector of Ada Kent University Student Services and Social and Cultural Affairs, is a board that considers student rights in meeting and developing the needs of students in education, research, health, sports and cultural activities and is not affiliated to any political current.

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this board is to conduct research and evaluation for solutions in education, research and student services, to present the results obtained to the relevant units and to follow them. In addition, to convey the problems, opinions and thoughts of the students to the administrative bodies of the University, especially to the Rectorate, to be represented by the president or his vice president without the right to vote in the meetings of the Senate or the University Administrative Boards during the discussion of the issues related to the students upon the invitation of the Rector, to coordinate the Student Council Executive Board and all student representatives, their work and activities with the University and to obtain the approval of the University when necessary. to carry out in accordance with the TRNC Constitution and other legislation in force.

Duties of the Student Representative

The duties of the Faculty/School/School Student Representative are as follows:

To carry out the work of the Student Council in the Faculty, School and School it represents,
To announce the decisions taken by the Student Council bodies in the faculty, school and school they represent and to monitor the practices,
To identify student problems in the faculty, school and college they represent and to forward them to the relevant governing bodies of the Student Council and the University for resolution,
To represent the students in the faculty, school and school where they are located in student activities,
To take an active role in the coordination of student activities in the faculty, school and school it represents,
To attend the meetings of the administrative board and/or academic board at the faculty, school, college represented by the student during the discussion of issues related to the students.

Duties of the Student Council President

To represent Ada Kent University students in national and international student events and/or meetings,
To determine the agenda of the Student Council Administrative Board meetings and to chair these meetings,
To ensure that the decisions taken by the Student Council Administrative Board are announced and to monitor their implementation,
To prepare annual activity reports and submit them to the Rectorate; share with all students,
To attend the meetings of the Senate and the University Administrative Board during the discussion of issues related to students. (In cases where the chairman cannot attend, the meetings are attended by the vice president or a member of the board of directors to be determined by the president.)