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Providing Materials to the Library

UCI students and academic and administrative staff may make suggestions for the books you want to be purchased for the Library.  Filling out the Publication/Course Publication Request Form is sufficient to make a suggestion.

Textbooks for the Reserve Unit can only be requested by UCI academic staff.

Please Note!

We kindly ask you to carefully read the warnings section below and fulfill the requirements in order to receive and process your requests without any problems. UCI academic staff, students and administrative staff may request the purchase of new resources to be included in the library collection. All publication requests are fulfilled within the current budget.


1- Before making a request, we kindly ask you to check whether this publication is available in the catalog of our library.

2- When filling out the request form, sort the publication you want to be received according to priority.

3- When sending your publication requests, enter the publication information and reader information completely, otherwise your request will not be processed.