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tren +90 (548) 829 8888

Mission And Vision of The Library



To provide and develop all the resources and services required to serve the research, learning and teaching purpose of the university. To accomplish this goal:

— To inform the researchers about the sources of information and to provide the requested sources,

— To ensure the preservation and longevity of library collections and resources,

— To provide comforts and facilities that will facilitate research and studies in the physical and virtual environment of the library,

— To cooperate inter-institutions in order to contribute to research, social development and learning, to improve cooperation and communication with domestic and international libraries and information centers,

— To try to understand the research, learning and teaching needs of library beneficiaries,

— Continuously working to improve innovative, motivated, expert, research-promoting library services.



To provide access to all resources on science and development from everywhere as an indispensable center of learning and research at the university, where scientific research and intellectual inquiry are tried to be done in the best way. As a requirement of this vision, the library:

— To have collections rich in academic content,

— To provide easier and faster access to all resources, at any time,

— Always innovating in terms of information sources and access routes,

— To be able to determine the needs of library users in advance,

— To use the most advanced library services,

It works to create the best research environment and facilities by adapting quickly to developments.