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Library Rules


— Everyone who visits Ada KENT University Library is deemed to have agreed to act in accordance with the following rules:

— In order to benefit from the services, a university ID card must be shown, no transactions can be made without a card.

— It is forbidden to enter the library with bags and special items. Special items and bags should be placed in the safety deposit boxes at the entrance of the library.

— At the entrance of the library, in order to protect the library material, the bags and similar items of the users can be checked by the library staff when necessary.

— Food and beverages should not be entered (except bottled water), tobacco products should not be smoked.

— No Library materials can be taken out until the borrowing procedures are completed in accordance with the rules and/or without permission.

— Borrowing and refund procedures are completed 15 minutes before the library closes.

— Computers in the library are used only for educational and research purposes.

— Group work should not be done at tables, quiet work should be done and behaviors that will disturb other users should be avoided.

— Tables and chairs should be used where they are located and should not be moved to other areas.

— “No space holding” in work areas. When leaving the library, it is necessary to leave the desks with personal belongings.

— Those who do not comply with the library rules, those who cause difficulties, those who prevent the library employees from performing their duties, those who disrupt the discipline and tranquility in the library are ensured to leave the library by the library officer.

— The mobile phone should be put into silent position and the phone should not be spoken to in the library.

— All spaces (including group study rooms) should be kept clean, garbage should be thrown into the trash.

— Personal belongings should not be left unattended, the library is not responsible for lost items.

— It should be aware that the library is monitored by security cameras.

— Any accidents, physical property damage and safety problems witnessed should be reported to the library authority immediately.

All the specified services and related rules of the library are implemented within the framework of the policies and procedures approved by the Rectorate of University of City Island.