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Strengths of our English Preparatory School

Strengths of Our English Preparatory School

● Provides sufficient materials for academicians and students.
● Between the administration, teachers and students; a triple bond based on respect and sincerity was established.
● Team spirit is at the highest level and thus; all work is carried out effectively and successfully.
● Language skills are taught specifically in accordance with the need in the lessons and each is taught by individual teachers.
● Additional services are offered to academicians and students outside of class hours.
● During the school, each student’s progress is carefully monitored.
● The learning environment is comfortable, friendly and warm.
● Duration of study: The duration of education in the preparatory school is one year. The weekly course hours determined by the committee are 25 and cannot be less. In order to take the final exam, it is obligatory to attend 80% of the courses. Any student without a valid excuse is considered unsuccessful if they fail to fulfill the attendance requirement.