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Department of Tourism Management

What is the Tourism Management Department?

The tourism industry has been a very important income for many countries’ economy for many years. Tourism is a major source of income for countries such as Turkey and Spain, and they make significant investments in the tourism sector.

The aim of the tourism business department is to educate people who can bridge the business and work for their job, such as travel, food and beverage, marketing, offices, floor services, and many other areas, such as high-level officials and other employees.

The tourism business department is a 4-year undergraduate department. The title will be “Tourism operating company”, which will be received by students who have successfully completed their education lives.

Students who are considering having the tourism management department on the preferred list are positive, energetic, cheerful, with a strong dialog ability, successful in social relations, responsible, disciplined, persuasive and patient are some of the qualities that are wanted.

How long has the tourist Business Department been in training?

4 years of undergraduate education is provided in the tourism business department. Students are required to complete their compulsory internship and are asked to complete 240 ECTS quota.



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Tourism Management

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