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– To ensure, regulate and develop the use of information and communication technologies within the university,

–Design, installation, management of local network and internet services,

–Installation, management and updating of the servers serving the university,

–Provision of e-mail, dns, dhcp, anti-virus, anti-spam etc. services,

– To carry out studies for the development or supply of special software needed within the university,

– Preparation, management and updating of the websites of the university units,

– Publication of announcements, news and events,

– Providing software and hardware support to all computers allocated to academic, administrative staff and students,

– Performing relevant maintenance and updates of the computers in the university library and laboratories,

– Preparation of the necessary infrastructure and provision of technical support during conferences, seminars and presentations,

–Preparation of images and brochures,

–Social Media management,

–In order to maximize the Information Technologies facilities, it is one of the duties of the Information Processing Center to closely follow the relevant technologies.


–Student Information System (Öğrenci Bilgi Portalı – Kion)

–Online Course Module (



To ensure that all students, academic and administrative staff can benefit from advanced computer services in the most efficient way, to establish the necessary computer infrastructure for this, to carry out continuous development and renewal studies, to organize support and training activities,
To perform software, analysis, development and testing operations,
To provide user trainings, to prepare training materials such as user manuals, videos, etc. and to open them to the use of the units,
In order to increase productivity, it is one of the duties of the information processing unit to investigate new technologies and software and to make them available to the use of the institution.