Software Engineering Undergraduate Programs 1

Software Engineering Undergraduate Programs 1

Objectives of the Undergraduate Program

Software Engineering, which is a new discipline as a discipline, has traditionally been dealt with in Computer Engineering Sciences, and in recent years it has become a discipline itself with the development of service-weighted applications and supporting technologies. Software Engineering activities, which were previously perceived as expanded 'programming', have now become an academic field with their methodologies, theories and practices. Technological developments have made equipment cheap and widespread. The Software Engineering program is an engineering discipline created by the needs of our day and will rapidly increase its importance in the near future. Software Engineering covers software solutions of problems in different sectors. In this respect, interdisciplinary skills are prominent. Software Engineering is a study area where elements from different fields ranging from psychological status to software project management are created by interaction of users with computer applications and devices. Software engineers who will graduate from the program will have the modern knowledge in the field of computer, system and computer networks in any industry where the computer is used and they will be able to design projects in any scale in the field of software, put them into practice, have the features to carry out test and integration steps successfully. will be able to make important contributions to the trained manpower.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Software Engineering department; There are a total of 157 courses, 113 of which are theoretical and 44 of which are practical.
Students who have successfully completed all courses in the program with a total of 240 ECTS and who have at least 2.0 weighted grade point average over 4.00, pass the final work successfully, and pass the internship report prepared by their professional internship, are entitled to graduate with the title of ve Software Engineer Program.

Career Opportunities

As an engineer with signature authority, Software Engineers will be experienced in producing and executing software and business solutions to meet the needs of companies or organizations. Graduated students; system analyst, system engineer, design engineer, web design and program expert, information technology specialist, application programmer as a wide range of business in almost every institution and organization will have a wide range of companies such as computer software companies in data processing management, data management, computer-aided They can also work as an application engineer in industrial design and realization. They can have career opportunities as application staff or system engineers in organizations working on computer networks and as application engineers in defense industry and electronic device production organizations.

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