Ergotherapy & Rehabilitation

Ergotherapy & Rehabilitation

Objectives of the Undergraduate Program

Ergotherapy is a healthcare-oriented healthcare profession that improves health and well-being through meaningful and purposeful activities. The main purpose of ergotherapy is to ensure that people participate in activities of daily living.Ergototherapists who have lifelong learning and teaching skills who can rehabilitate people with creative, innovative, ethical values, work teamwork, mobilize society's change-creating power, implement rehabilitation with meaningful and purposeful activities and improve their life roles and social participation abilities. training, international standards, undergraduate and graduate education, evidence-based research and practices to do.Occupational therapy has a wide range of applications including public, private or voluntary organizations such as home, school, workplace, factory, health center, nursing home, rehabilitation center, hospital and judicial institution.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Department of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation 97 hours of theoretical courses, 90 hours of practical courses, including a total of 187 hours of teaching and 320 hours of internship is required. Each student must take at least 240 ECTS courses in order to graduate from the Department of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation.


The students of the Department of Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation; At the end of the 4th and 6th semesters, 160- hour summer internship practice should be done at rehabilitation centers, 7-8. In the semesters, practical clinical training is required in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

Career Opportunities

Turkey and the elderly population in the world, industrial and traffic accidents rates and genetic and traumatic causes the gradual increase in the disabled population, social activity centers, public health and occupational health centers, rehabilitation centers will graduate as a result of their much needed for the student's opportunities for employment in this field .