Psychology Undergraduate Program 2

Psychology Undergraduate Program 2

Purpose of Undergraduate Program

Psychology is a discipline of human behaviour and mental processes. The information obtained in this science, which is given great importance to Scientific research; Understanding human beings, the people we encounter in various areas of our daily lives and problems to grasp, to improve the quality of life and to contribute to the solution of complex problems are used.

Graduation Conditions

In various sub-branches of Psychology (Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental psychology, Experimental psyche, Neuropsychology, Forensic Psychology, Health psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Sports Psychology and Education Students who want to specialize in psychology) first receive basic psychology training. In addition to basic courses such as Research Methods, Statistical Methods and Applications, Communication Skills and Academic Reporting, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology, Biology, Philosophy, for Each student to graduate Social Psychology, Learning Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Personality Theories, Clinical Psychology, Measurement in Psychology, and the basic work areas of psychology are introduced. Mandatory courses such as Physiological Psychology, Psychopathology, and various elective courses must be completed successfully.

Career Opportunities

After completing the necessary trainings, Psychology graduates are in various private and public institutions and organizations, hospitals and counselling centres that give psychological counseling and therapy; In various educational institutions and private company units; They can work in areas such as personnel selection, placement, evaluation, training, personnel and public communication. Advertising, public relations, sales and marketing, media, market research and similar services can be served in various fields in the sector. The management and research staffs of Nurseries, kindergartens and schools, neurology and rehabilitation centres, research institutes and specific ministries (Ministry of Health, Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Justice, etc.) are in various positions Employment.

Psikoloji Lisans Programı 2