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Electronic Welding Service


Library users can use the E-Databases subscribed to by our Library free of charge from any computer with internet access within our University with IP access.

Users are expected to respect publishers’ copyrights and comply with copyright laws. In accordance with the joint license agreements between UCI Library, TÜBİTAK, ULAKBİM-EKUAL and publishers, the resources can only be used to meet personal research and information needs. Misuse imposes legal responsibilities on University of City Island and the user.

*UCI  members can also access electronic resources from outside the campus as specified on the Remote Access (Off-Campus Access) page.

*The use of electronic resources is limited to UCI members. Non-UCI users can benefit from our electronic resources through library computers by applying.

Electronic Resources Basic Usage Rules


From the articles in electronic journals, printed in accordance with the rules
and electronic copies may be made. 

Databases can be used to meet the need for personal information. 

Copies taken from databases can only be shared within UCI with UCI academic and administrative staff and students.


It is forbidden to systematically download all records of a journal or database by using robots etc. software in databases.

The sale, distribution or profit-making use of the database or the information contained in it is prohibited.

It is forbidden to share the information in the databases with non-UCI members.

Distribution of information in databases via mailing lists Prohibited.