Dear Students,

In today’s world where rapid technological developments are experienced; Universities, which are responsible for educating human capital and developing intellectual capacity, have an important role in the development and transformation of society. Our faculty provides a beautiful and invaluable opportunity for beginners; It includes opportunities for graduates to become members of a strong and successful culture.

You are respected members of a special community open to development that nurtures each other with the diversity of its values and experiences.

In our faculty, which trains professional staff who ensure the realization of human rights in society; Our most basic principle is respect for human rights.

Your resources such as research, reasoning, communication, empathy that you have developed with university education; knowledge will be key in the services you will provide to society on the basis of skills, values and practice.

Throughout history, developments in the field of health have been reflected in human well-being and have formed the basis for a “good” life. Preventive and preventive services and curative and therapeutic intervention services are important for health promotion. Health field; both in terms of scientific studies and field of application, it is carried out with multidisciplinary activities of professional groups.

The main purpose of the Faculty of Health Sciences is; basing the global agenda and developments and the needs of society; to educate professional people who are trained with modern approaches and methods based on science and technology, who are competent in their fields, who are respectful to universal and cultural values, and who are effective and successful in primary health care services. The Faculty of Health Sciences, in order to achieve its goal of being a pioneering and leading faculty that has a say in the formulation and development of health policies of our country;