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Dean’s Message

Dear students,

In recent years, it has been observed that a conscious change of understanding has been introduced to minimize the negative effects of tourism on the social and economic environment. With this understanding of sustainable tourism, it is aimed at sustainable use of economic, social and environmental resources. Sustainable tourism has basic principles such as not destroying tourism resources, preserving local people’s values, preserving the historical and cultural heritage of tourism regions, providing economic and social development of underdeveloped or underdeveloped regions. In line with this understanding, unlike traditional mass tourism, it is important to develop alternative tourism species that are linked to the economic and social realities of the regions.

Founded within the University of City Island in light of the principles counted, the School of Tourism Management and Hotels started to accept students in 2022-2023. Solving the quality labor problem that exists in our school’s tourism sector, implementing local elements within the scope of sustainable tourism and tourism projects that encompassing the university, raising awareness of the public about tourism, cultural tourism, faith tourism, nature tourism, there are key objectives such as supporting alternative tourism types such as rural tourism and addressing educational programs based on this understanding. In this context, it is clear that the workers and managers who will work in the tourism industry are needed, with a respect to their history and values, who have been well trained to ensure long-term tourism development.

In order to address this need, the Department of Tourism Management is located within the Tourism Faculty of University of City Island, which started educational activities. Our work is carefully carried out with our young, dynamic, researcher and team spirit and academic and administrative staff.

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