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tren +90 (548) 829 8888



— The computers available in the AKU Library serve for research and educational activities.

— Users cannot use computers to chat over the internet.

— Users must not damage existing technological equipment.

— The library will not accept responsibility for the protection of personal information (credit card number, ID card number, etc.) on library computers.

— In the studies carried out, users are obliged to show the sources they cite.

— The library cannot be held responsible for the data security of a study on library computers.

— Users cannot carry out their commercial work using the library computer and internet.

— Accessing prohibited and sexually explicit sites or sending files is strictly prohibited.

— Gaming on computers is not permitted.

–Users are responsible for acting in accordance with the content of the license agreements made by the library and must comply with copyrights.

— It is not possible to reserve the existing computers in the library for pre-use.