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It is recommended to take the exam with a laptop with a good battery, it is also possible to take the exam with a mobile phone or tablet, but it is not recommended because screenshots may not be sufficient. You can take your exam with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Make sure your internet is good and your laptop is fully charged before taking the test.

Confirm by reading the section.

After reading the rules to start the exam, check the “I Accept the Exam Rules” box at the bottom of the page and click the “Start Exam” button.

The exam is displayed unless the “I confirm” box is checked and the “Start” button is clicked
After the exam is started, the individual questions are displayed on the screen. The correct answer option can be checked and the “Next” button can be selected to proceed to the next question.
When you move on to the next questions, let alone move on to the previous question
If the “Automatically Advance Questions” option at the top right is checked, checking the answer option will automatically move on to the next question.
When a systemic problem is encountered, the “Report a Problem” above the remaining time

Clicking the “End Exam” button will end your exam.

Log in with your username and password.
While in the Courses tab, select the course you will be examining.
Click on the “Exam” tab in the menu.
If there is an open exam session, you can take the exam by clicking on the “Go to Exam” button.
Before the exam questions are seen, a page with exam rules and ethical values is displayed. Once the “I have read” box at the bottom of the page is approved, the exam is started.
In the exam, there is one question on each page. The remaining time is visible at the top. You can answer the question on the screen or move on to the next question without answering.
Questions can be open-ended, multiple choice, or true/false type. For open-ended questions, you are expected to type the answer yourself in the text box below the question Similarly, you are expected to choose the most appropriate answer for multiple choice or true/false type questions. For open-ended questions, DO NOT press the “Enter” key on the blank screen.

Questions and answers are given to each student in a different order
After seeing the last question, a message such as “Go back” or “End the exam” appears.

If you select “Go back”, you will not be able to return to the questions again.

When you press the “End the exam” button, the exam is over, you can take the exam again.
If there is an interruption (internet or electricity) during the exam, you can take your exam from another computer or mobile phone and continue to answer from where you left off.


  • If the internet connection is lost and it is thought that it will come soon, it will be sufficient to stay on the page without leaving the page and to continue when the internet connection improves.
    Students who have to switch to other devices due to internet interruption, whose computer or internet browser is closed by mistake or for any other reason, should log in to the exam again by following the procedures from step 1 from the browser and press the yellow “Continue” button on the right of the exam after logging in. From this moment on, the student’s exam will continue from where it left off The intervening time will not be added to the exam period.
    It is not possible to log in from more than one device at the same time, even if the system answers are
    When logging in to the system again,
  • It is not possible to log in from more than one device at the same time, even if the system answers are
    When re-entering the system, after pressing the “Continue” button, the exam instruction can be confirmed by the User again and the exam can continue to remain.
    Dropping from the exam, switching to another device, internet interruption does not end the exam for any reason. Only the user can end the exam, or the exam ends automatically when the time expires.

12. There are two time definitions, the defined session duration for the exam and the exam duration:

Session duration: The time interval during which the exam can be taken.

Duration of the exam: The time set for the exam. The session duration may be longer than the exam duration. If you take the test later than the scheduled session start time, you will have until the end of the session.

For example: You have a test that starts at 9:00 a.m. on a Monday with a session duration of 40 minutes and an exam duration of 30 minutes. If you take your exam at 9:00 AM, the system will close at 9:30 AM. If you take the test at 9:20, your exam duration will be a maximum of 20 minutes, the session will end at 9:40.

13. Caution!!! When there is a problem with the Internet, the system will give a warning when the “Next question” button is pressed. The warning will be “Your answer could not be saved.” If this warning appears, the user should never press the “Next” button. If necessary, it should turn off the system and re-enter it. You should definitely finish the exam.


14. After all the questions have been answered, the "End Exam" button in green color below right After pressing this button, the following warning screen will come up, the number of questions marked and left blank will be seen. The exam must be completed by pressing the green "Yes" button.