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About Alms



What is ALMS? What does it do?

ALMS is a hundred percent locally made learning management system (LMS) software developed entirely within Advancity. ALMS in asynchronous education feature is designed to meet all the needs expected from an education system in distance education.

Do I need to install extra software to use ALMS?

Since ALMS is a web-based product, you do not need to install any extra software. You can use ALMS with any device you connect to the Internet (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile), Internet connection and Internet explorer software (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) installed on your device.

What speed should the Internet connection be in order to use ALMS without any problems?

It is enough for users to use at least 1 Mbit speed to use ALMS without any problems.


How Can I Join a Live Course at ALMS?

In ALMS, first of all, there needs to be a virtual classroom created by your instructor. If your instructor didn’t use a restriction when creating the virtual classroom, you may see that you have a virtual classroom course as they created. If your instructor has set a time interval for restricting or showing a virtual classroom activity based on the completion of another activity, you will not be able to view it within your lesson until restrictions are lifted.

I get the error, “The system time and device clock do not match.” What should I do?

Please check if your device time zone is set to “GMT+3 Istanbul”. If you have turned off the automatic clock update, please turn it on. Make sure your watch is up to date. We kindly ask you to talk to your friends and ask if they have any problems connecting to the system. If you are just having a problem, please try logging in with another device.

How do I withdraw an assignment I uploaded in ALMS?

After clicking on the assignment activity, click the “Upload Handout” button that you used to upload the assignment. Your uploaded assignment files will be listed. The list has a delete button to the left of each file. You can delete the assignment file you uploaded by clicking the “Delete” button.


Important Note: If your teacher has made up the right to upload, you can upload as many assignments as you can. Deleting an uploaded assignment file doesn’t entitle you to upload new assignments.