About Ada Kent

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

People have spent their energies in production and military activities throughout history. Today , at the point where tecnology comes in, it affects these two functions. So , unqualified human employment is ineffective , as well. 

On the other hand , robotsa are more effective day by day in human employment industry ,textile,medicine,logistics and another field etc.Less people power can get more efficiency . Therefore , human employement is declining. 

The utilization rate of robot technology is increasing is increasing ropidly in military activities,too. Fighting with sword shield was already old. Nowadays , fight with guns and fifle stays in the old . Some informatic army officer manage all military vehicle a thousond miles from away. Vehicle without human are fighting . 

We are moving rapidly towards the era of autonomous transportation and security tools. This era is age of ship wilhout captain and without crew,trucks without driver ,aircraft without pilots… 

In this dehumanisation era, unqualified human may cause big problems for both themselves , families and countries. Fort this reason we have to campaign for being a qualified human. The only way of being a qualified human is to make a good career plan and receive first – class education. 

It is avvious that robotization, will increase the unemployement that’s why choice of profession and quality of education is becoming even more important. 

Here faculties and depatments in City Island University is fictionalized with this perspective. Creativity is always in the foreground. Our aim is to help students for being to everybody’s etics and promote all students for being universalized by preserving their culture. 

As the comman culture cawsed by globalism may sweep away local cultures if they are not well protected . However , every culture is a different colour and beauty. That’s why self should be preserved first and then we should be universalized. 

City Island Unıversity is promoted by Avrupa Education Groups with its going back many years experience is waiting for you as rapid and correct preference which will arrive successful future.