About Ada Kent



Ada Kent University is an investment that was founded in 2015 by Avrupa Educational Group which is constituted in Istanbul. It’s the summit of the entities which consist of preschool, primary, secondary and higher education in Istanbul. 

At short notice, Ada Kent University which has significant contributions on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ economic, scientific, social and cultural development has become the educational and cultural center of the city Gazimagusa by collaborating with nongovernmental and private organizations as well as official bodies. 

The university consists of 7 faculties and a vocational school and has 29 undergraduate and associate degree programs in total. It has been maintaining the training for 2 years in international standards with its meritable academic staff from Cyprus, Turkey and various countries. 

In real terms, as a ‘’City University‘’, it contributes to integration of the students with the society and the world and to their growth as valuable individuals who have effective communication skills and strong social bonds. Ada Kent Unıversity aims to gather students from different cultures and become a platform on which they can create a common culture in the University Island TRNC.


Avrupa Educational Group is a foundation that has an international vision. In this sense, there have been successful works carried on in terms of development and implementation of instructional programmes and preparation of the students for studies abroad. 

The collaboration between Avrupa Educational Foundation and Kent State University located in Ohio, USA has been getting stronger. The finest example of this collaboration is Ada Kent University.